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    Infexion Hosting - My review - My take

    I just finished a ~30 day trial of Infexion. I have been without a host for over 1.5 years ever since Eryxma ran on me. Honestly, my experience while Eryxma was up was decent. I liked their speeds and most of all HSP. Support was ok, and AIM requests would sometimes be a quick solution.

    Now I got a hosting solution because the IT manager at my company couldn't setup a simple PHP + MySQL server so that I could design a scheduler program for my manager. I had two choices: either boot into Fedora Core 4 on my laptop or to go with a host. Since I figured I still had my domain from long time ago, I went with a hosting plan that I saw here on WHT because it offered instant setup. I figured it was more secure to test company stuff out on a 3rd party host than on say my own laptop.

    Ken was a great guy. He was there online when I clicked for chat w/ support. His responses were immediate and of great assistance. Coming from HSP Complete and having shell access was a bit hard for me, and I had to learn to deal with the simplicity and limited functions of CPanel. I had to get a script installed and they even did it for me pretty quickly.

    Speed honestly wasn't that great. Maybe it's because they were located in Florida. I got ~170 KB/sec downloads on my cable modem at home when I know it can hit 500kb SUSTAINED. Latency was acceptable and my pages loaded in good time. I've never hit downtime in this one month and that was great.

    Now my one complaint was that I wrote some buggy PHP scripts. I had a for loop that ran 10 times that did a very simple operation that should've taken something like 0.00005 seconds. In the for loop I had an if statement. Instead of using double = signs, I used only 1 by mistake. This apparently KILLED the server and overloaded the 2 CPUs and crashed Apache. Now I tried the same thing with my own laptop and similarly with a friend's host. No problems whatsoever. I don't know what version of PHP they were running but certainly I've written buggy scripts many times and I have NEVER seen a script crash Apache, killing a bunch of other websites. Now I know I was at fault, but if a simply PHP script is capable of destroying a server like this, we could have potential downtime problems. This happened another time within 2 weeks. They threatened to fine me and renamed my file. Thus, I checked my script over again and since it had no MySQL queries in it I tried running it on the main company intranet server. The code worked as fine WITHOUT ANY CHANGES. I reuploaded the file to Infexion and it ran flawlessly. Maybe it was a false alarm or something. My code ran flawlessly once reuploaded and I monitored the CPU utilization and didn't see it move. They probably just figured I was the culprit last time and so they figured it was me again. I know that while my code can be buggy, it shouldn't take down a server with simply a for loop error. This wasn't even an infinite loop, but a bad if-statement. The loop was entirely legal. Then again... if it's buggy it shouldn't be running anyways right? =P

    This was my one complaint. But overall, the host was great. Fast support (Ken's awesome). He cancelled my account with a quick response and no questions asked. On paper, I don't like how these guys have a datacenter in Florida (hurricanes, etc). If they had ThePlanet in Dallas or NOC, I would feel a little more secure. I only signed up with these guys because WHT stickied them for the day on the offers page. I decided to leave because just a week back a friend offered me a full 100mb hosting package with 1.5 gb for free. I get 5 free databases and FTP access, etc. For me, this is enough to run a personal website on, so I decided to switch over. If anyone has doubts about Infexion, I say it's still a good choice. Thank you.

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    Quite a nice detailed story you wrote there dlerium. Thank you.

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    From what i read
    i think that its sounds to be a pretty good host.
    Do they give shell access ?

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    hmm, sounds ok to me i think i might use them unless i find somehing new in the future

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    i would like to recieve updates.

    Good hosts are there.

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    I've been with them for several weeks with one of my sites ( I'm very happy with speed, reliability, all of it so far.

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    Great to hear that you had a pleasant experience with them

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