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    sony psp site for sale - PR3!

    is a PR3 site which is getting many visits.
    It has Adsence but as yet is only earning very small amounts.

    the whole site is managed using a unique admin section using php and a MYSQL database.
    it is a very simple cms whihc allows you to edit the text and add in images.

    The news section is updated automatically itself using an rss feed from another site so you wont need to search for the latest news.

    it comes with hosting and the domain name. the hosting is paid for until feb next year and you would be given total rights to the hosting. the hosting that comes with it is for 250mb space and 5gb bandwidth.

    The domain name is with

    The domain name can moved away as you have total access to both the hosting and the domain name separately.

    this is a total one off sale i wont be making copies of it or anything.

    its getting quite a few of hits and the google links are beginning to bring in some small revenue, im sure after a while it will be a small earner.

    Click here for stats

    Payments using Paypal.

    Starting price: $60

    happy bidding

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    BIN REMOVED start the bidding!

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    Shows a PR0 on google toolbar..

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    the PR servers are all undergoing updates at the moment.

    SEO chat will have the correct PR

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    i use which always seems to be reliable.

    it def is a PR3

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    ok ive received a $100 bid on another forum i will close this tomorrow so keep teh bids coming

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