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    [FS] Image Host - 268+ members - Paid/Free Accounts

    Image Host for Sale is now for sale...
    The site is up for sale again because the person who made an offer last thought the site was sold and purchased something else and did not have enough money to go through with the sale.

    After working on it for awhile and getting it to where it is I am now putting it up for sale as I am interested in working on something else.

    Whats Included:

    -The site comes with the Ktools Script which is a $300 value alone. The script comes with LIFETIME support and LIFETIME software upgrades. The script has an admin panel which makes it easy to do anything desired and the script is very customizable

    - Domain Names all registered on enom and can be easily transferred expires: 6/11/06 expires: 9/30/05 expires: 6/8/06 expires: 9/30/05 expires: 11/29/05 expires: 8/24/05

    If you decide to keep it on the current host you will also get that expires 3/2006

    Site Info:

    - To begin with the site has 268 members
    266 are on the free account
    1 is on Gold Plan ($5.95 a month)
    1 is on Silver Plan ($3.95 a month)

    - The site grows on average from 1-3 users daily

    - There are google ads on the site that makes about $10-$15 a month

    - The script has an admin panel and is extremely easy to use. Everything on the site is pretty much easily customizable and through the admin panel anything can be changed from space allowed to bandwidth per account etc.

    - Here are some stats for a few randomly selected dates

    Successful requests: 11,406
    Average successful requests per day: 11,772
    Successful requests for pages: 5,052
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 5,213
    Distinct files requested: 1,223
    Distinct hosts served: 830
    Data transferred: 81.88 megabytes
    Average data transferred per day: 84.52 megabytes

    Successful requests: 12,437
    Average successful requests per day: 12,444
    Successful requests for pages: 3,209
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 3,210
    Failed requests: 133
    Distinct files requested: 1,500
    Distinct hosts served: 557
    Data transferred: 79.20 megabytes
    Average data transferred per day: 79.26 megabytes

    Stats for Month of April
    Successful requests: 236,699 (70,475)
    Average successful requests per day: 7,897 (10,067)
    Successful requests for pages: 131,432 (42,936)
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 4,385 (6,133)
    Distinct files requested: 7,499 (1,064)
    Distinct hosts served: 20,461 (779)
    Data transferred: 5.54 gigabytes (2.25 gigabytes)
    Average data transferred per day: 189.28 megabytes (329.60 megabytes)

    Stats for Month of May
    Successful requests: 223,105 (36,878)
    Average successful requests per day: 7,193 (5,268)
    Successful requests for pages: 133,811 (21,488)
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 4,314 (3,069)
    Distinct files requested: 7,830 (732)
    Distinct hosts served: 24,286 (838)
    Data transferred: 4.73 gigabytes (796.56 megabytes)
    Average data transferred per day: 156.16 megabytes (113.79 megabytes)

    Stats for Long-Term the operation of site since March
    Successful requests: 1,114,939 (38,939)
    Average successful requests per day: 8,756 (5,562)
    Successful requests for pages: 546,927 (18,098)
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 4,295 (2,585)
    Failed requests: 35,572 (50)
    Redirected requests: 5 (0)
    Data transferred: 18.30 gigabytes (329.13 megabytes)
    Average data transferred per day: 147.20 megabytes (47.02 megabytes)

    - Currently about 599 megs of space is used for the whole site

    Please remember the site grows every single day and there is a lot of potential for the site...I have created buttons for advertisers that will be added next to the sponsors link so advertisers will be able to purchase advertising space to advertise on users images pages. The site has many options from portfolios to 3d-spins to auction galleries and more. The payment of the site works through Paypal and users are setup to automatically pay every month through a subscription. I will help in whatever way possible to get whoever is the purchaser familiar with the script and ready to go.

    The buyer will be responsible in getting the software onto their own service and the software running. If desired the script owner can move everything and started for a fee.

    Again I am only selling this because of having my focus elsewhere. This site pretty much pays for itself to run.

    I will start the bidding at $450 and the bidding will end on July 28, 2005 at 1PM Pacific time. If you have any questions feel free to post or email me at [email protected] I know I have not posted here but I have someone who will vouch for me as I am trustworthy. Also if desired at the end of the auction here I can create an eBay auction as I have 100% feedback on eBay to conduct the exchange there, Or I can show my eBay feedback.

    Bidding can either be conducted here or can be through PM, or email.

    Thanks and good luck

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    Forgot to include that the BIN price will be: $700

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    Can you tell me if cpanel is required on the machines that this is moved to? And how long will the new owner have to migrate the sites?

    Thank you,

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    Cpanel is not required to be on the new server. The new owner can have as much time as needed to move the site over...Obviously not taking 3 months but it is no rush to get it off the server. In fact the new owner may choose to keep the site running the current way it is, everything is paid for until 3/2006.

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    Site is at 270 members

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    2 days left to get your bids in people...

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    what is the highest bid? would you consider trading it for 2 other developed sites?

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    There is no current high bid so starting bid would be it.....$450...Trading it for 2 other sites not really because I have my interest in doing something else I want to do with a friend. So even though this site pays for itself I don't feel like taking care of it so I want to let someone else take it over rather than shutting the site down.

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    Auctions ends tommarow guys...don't let this offer slip away...the script alone is worth 300...your paying 150 more than that (minimum bid) for customized features...custom logo...270 members... 2 pay members....and a known name.....for 150 extra over the cost of the script....again bidding ends tommarow at 1 get your bid in!

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    less than 2 hours left....get your bid in and you'll get the site for $450 unless someone else bids....don't let this offer slip people

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