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    Lightbulb Time for dedicated server

    Hello everyone
    I have site that after 1.5 month there are more then 3,000,000 hits, more then 2700 members and more then 120+ members active all the time.
    I did not think its will grow so quickly since my last experience with other site…

    I am looking now for dedicated server hosting and I will be happy to hear from your experience.
    I can put 99$ per month and I am looking for Linux server with the following things installed:
    1. Cpanel
    2. Mysql
    3. Php support
    4. High level of security and service.
    5. Backup & Restore services
    6. SSL included
    7. 1000+ Data transfer per month
    8. Free setup

    Thank you for the help

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    you might try the offers forum , you should be able to find those specs close to your target price.
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    A Sempron or P4 2.8 will meet your budget... Managed or Unmanaged? If unamanaged, check out Check also the offers forum as Hivelocity suggested. Good Luck!


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    EV1 might have some servers at those prices....

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