I run a game modification & total conversion community site called ModNMod (http://www.modnmod.com). We provide mod reviews, interviews and all kinds of other useful information. Currently we are looking for reviewers to review newly released mods and total conversions. It is a great opportunity to show off your writing skills and have some fun playing games. (Here is a link to one of our reviews to give you an idea of what we're looking for: http://www.modnmod.com/mods/Red_Orch...iews.php?id=63)

We are a registered company so we can provide reference to your work (if you plan to apply for a job at a magazine or a newspaper). This is a great opportunity for gamers who just like to play and writers alike.

We are also looking for news reporters to post updates on game modifications and keep the database up to date. If you're knowledgeable and had experience in game or mod development you could write useful articles / tutorials on different subjects related to game/mod development. Again, this position is great if you plan to write for a magazine or a newspaper as we can provide reference to your work. (Here is a link to one of our articles to give you an idea of what we're looking for: http://www.modnmod.com/articles.php?id=351)

This is not a paying job (although as the site continues to grow we hope it will become one) but all of our staff get the following benefits: free web hosting, opportunity to play unreleased mods, and occasionally we'll send a game to a few of our staff members that did some quality work.

To apply for any of the positions mentioned above please contact us via our contact page: http://www.modnmod.com/forum/sendmessage.php with the following information:

* Name
* Age
* Location
* Level of education
* Indicate if you have had any experience

- sllik
ModNMod CEO / Web Master
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