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    CMS Looking for funding.

    Nautrisoft CMS Project.
    Powerful, Simple, What you need CMS for portfolio sites.

    Nautrisoft CMS is like no other CMS on the market today, to my knowledge.

    Lets Just have a look at whats around at this moment in time, We have
    Large community based CMS's like and which are fine if you are wanting to create a
    community, packed with features like Forums/Gallerys and lots of hacks
    for various other tasks.

    The problem is, these are really far to bulky for people that would
    just like to make a simple portfolio site, alot have designers have
    turn in the direction or Blogs with software like and around which
    are perfect, well, not really.

    You have to add mods and mess around with this and that and at the end
    if you dont know php this can take along time and still you dont have
    what you need, you end up with a image gallery that people can see has
    been added on.

    Thats why NCSM will make a huge difference in the lives of designers
    and artist that are seeking to have a powerful, dynamic site which is
    easy to set up and maintain with the look and feel of a professional
    coders CMS with out all the tatty ends and inactive modules.

    What will NCMS provide exactly, i bet you are wondering.

    Well it will provide the features you require from a Large CMS coated
    in the stylish look and feel of a modern Blog.

    Features that will be included as default NCMS will be as followed.

    News Module

    This will be a blog like module allowing the clients to
    add/edit/delete news/articles to and from there webpage, this module
    will also archive old news and display on another page along with all
    other news posts that havent been deleted manually. The client will be
    adding there news on a Raw-Text editor with basic features such as
    <strong> <em> <a href="#"> <img src="#"> with post previews and sumbit

    Portfolio Module

    Portfolio module will be an image gallery with thumbnails and large
    view to show off the clients work, all dynamically driven

    Links Module

    Link manger will allow the client to add a link to a categories (if
    the client creates categories) by add the url and description on the

    Contact Module

    Contact form and detail easierly edited via the back end of the script.

    Profile Module will allow you to add a personal picture with
    information such as Experience and personal information.

    Modules that could be developed and sold seperatly if you wanted to are:

    Estore module: Allow users to buy Prints/Templates, possible Cafepress
    addon, allowing users to sell there cafepress items via there site.

    Forum module: Discussion board for small communites.

    The list is endless.

    Please review this and tell me what you would like to see and what you
    personally would charge, as a designer my self i believe this would be
    a huge improvement on other scripts and help designers/artists a great

    Contact information
    MSN: [email protected]
    E-mail: [email protected]
    thanks for reading.
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    I am not sure how you plan on doing things, but personally I would like to see templates for each module and a simple PHP Include to put it in whatever page you want where you want it.
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    Seems a bit like PHP Nuke to me. Designers normally have a good friend who knows a Web Language (PHP, ASP etc..) and they get them to make them a nice portfolio. Plus they need there site to be strict HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS etc.. So you would need to make sure that the output from the CMS is Strict and will pass on a Validation from W3C.

    And why do you need funding?

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