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    phpArcadeScript v1.01 Official Release ~ Special Forum Price!

    ::: Special Forum Price ~ $20.00 per licensed copy* :::
    * limit 1 licensed copy per forum member at this special price. Any additional licenses will have to be purchased for the regular price listed on our website. Your license grants you the right to use a copy of phpArcadeScript on only one website/domain. Offer valid from July 21st to July 28th 2005

    I am proud to announce the release of phpArcadeScript v1.01. Yes, I know, v1.0 came out only a couple weeks ago, but due to the amazing response to the script and user input, I decided to go ahead and release v1.01.

    Features of phpArcadeScript v1.01:

    - 5 Star Rating System
    phpArcadeScript has incorporated a 5-star rating system that allows visitors to your arcade to rate the games they play. And, being built by a true gamer, your visitors will never have to leave the game they are playing to submit their rating. Just with a click of a button, the visitor is presented with a box that asks for their rating and within a couple of seconds they are back to playing without missing a beat.

    - Member Management
    New to v1.01 is the Member Manager. phpArcadeScript now allows you to offer memberships to your arcade's visitors. Registered member's of your arcade will be given their own profile that will keep track of the total games played (overall and for the day), earn points for playing games and leaving comments, see the last 5 games they've played and even mark a specific game as their favorite. Member's will also be able to add their website url and select a personal avatar to be shown in their profile. Member's can modify their profile at any time by just logging into the arcade. Administrations can edit user's information, including banning members from your arcade, through the Administration Control Panel. Once a member has been banned their profile and any comments they have made on your arcade will not be visible. (Membership feature can be turned on/off)

    - Game Commenting System
    Also new to v1.01 is the Game Commenting System. Visitors to your arcade can now add their own comments to specific games they play and they will be displayed below the game. The Administrator has the option of allowing EVERYONE the ability to comment or just MEMBERS. All comments can be edited and deleted by the Administrator through the Administration Control Panel. (Comment feature can be turned on/off)

    - Built in Tell-A-Friend Script
    We have also incorporated our own Tell-A-Friend script into phpArcadeScript that allows visitors to recommend your web site or even a specific game to their friends. Just like our Rating System, your visitors will never have to leave the game they are playing to recommend it to their friends. A click, fill in their friend's email address, and they can get back to gaming. The script is built to determine if the visitor is referring the web site as a whole or a specific game. If they are referring a specific game, their friend will be presented with an email with the game's name and a link to play the game. (Tell-A-Friend feature can be turned on/off)

    - Built in Link Trading Management
    To help you build a following for your arcade, as well as allow your visitors yet another way of sharing your arcade with their friends, visitors can signup to do a link trade with your arcade. Within a few seconds, a visitor (or webmaster) can fill-out a registration form and will be presented (both on screen and emailed) a unique link to add to their web page(s). After placing their unique link on their web page, our link trading script will begin to track all the visitors their link brings to your arcade. As more and more hits their link brings your arcade, the higher up your links page, and if activated, your top links box they move. Our script will also automatically build you very own links page for your arcade. (Link Trading feature can be turned on/off. Link trades can be setup to be manually or automatically confirmed)

    - Most Played and Newest Games List
    Just as if you are visiting an arcade in the Shopping Mall or down the street, visitors always want to know what's the most played game or newest addition to the arcade, and that's why we've added a Most Played and Newest Games list feature to our script. Your visitors will be presented with two lists (both which can be turned on/off) of games, ranked either on how many times the game has been played or when it was added to your arcade, and within one click they will be playing their selection. (Most Play and Newest Games List feature can be turned on/off)

    - Ability to add LINKED Games
    Another feature added to v1.01 of phpArcadeScript is the ability to add LINKED games to your arcade. Some websites will allow you to place their content on your arcade but not house the specific game on your server. Therefore phpArcadeScript allows you to add a game to your arcade based on the URL to the .swf file.

    - Fully Functional Password Protected Admin Backend
    We have built our arcade script to be as easy to use as possible for your visitors as well as for you, webmaster and arcade owner. The administration backend is a very simple and straight to the point way of managing your arcade. From our administration backend you can ...

    - Configure Each Option of Your Arcade
    - Manage Categories (add, edit, delete)
    - Manage Games (add, edit, delete, active/inactive)
    - Manage Links (confirm links, edit links, delete links)
    - Manage Users (add, edit, delete, ban users)
    - Manage Comments (edit and delete comments)

    To see how easy our administration backend system is to use, checkout out the demo here.

    - Category and Game specific meta keywords and descriptions
    To help with your arcade's Search Engine Optimization, you are able to specify meta keywords and descriptions for each category and game page.

    - Ready to Go Arcade Template
    We provide you with a ready to go arcade template and layout so you can have your arcade setup within minutes.

    - Option to Have Your Arcade Pre-Loaded With Over 50 Flash Games
    We also offer an upgraded option for phpArcadeScript that comes loaded with over 50 Flash Games. Please check out the purchase page for more information.

    - Free UPGRADES and Support
    With your purchase of phpArcadeScript you will be entitled to FREE UPGRADES and SUPPORT for phpArcadeScript. We offer many options of contact, including e-mail, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, and Support Forums.

    - And much much more!
    To see all these features plus many others, checkout our the phpArcadeScript website and take the demo for a test drive.

    If you are interested in taking part in this special promotion, please PM me or drop me a message at:

    AIM: Scott Lewi
    MSN: scottatmu2 @ h o t m a i l . c o m

    Please do not order directly from the website, otherwise you will be charged the full $25.00 for your license.

    Thank you,

    Owner & Creator of phpArcadeScript

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    Are you giving $5 discount on the:

    1 X copy of phpArcadeScript
    + Pre-Loaded with over 50 Games
    + Installation Service

    As well ?


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    I'm interested. Can I see a list of the 50 games, as well as where to get new ones, if that's available?
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    UkHostingInc ...

    Yes, the $5 discount applies to that service as well.

    Bear ...

    I can install all the games that are currently listed over at

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


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    Great looking script. I'm very interested.

    Couple questions...

    - Is it encoded?
    - Can it be templated?

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    Thanks for the message.

    The script IS NOT encoded ... and its 85% templateable via HTML, and additional 10% if you understand some basic PHP.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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