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    Originally posted by akashik
    I heard about that one. From what I hear he was far from the only one with a tear in their eye.

    Sorry to talk in public, but I can't seem to reach you privately. I've called what I think is your phone number and have left a message. I have sent numerous e-mail messages. There are serious problems with Akashik and, although I've been telling my clients to give you more time, they're beginning not to believe me. If you're interested in the business, PLEASE CONTACT ME. You have my e-mail address. If you want, you may call me at 614-324-7818 until 3 Eastern today.

    If you don't want the business, just say so and I'll let my clients know. Collectively we're worth only $1000 or so per year to you, so I understand that we might not be a top priority, but completely ignoring my continued requests isn't good.


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    Hello Bill,

    We're still working on those issues and value you as a customer and will have information for you shortly. As we know each other well, I'd wished you'd PM'd me, or used a different thread.

    As a self professed 'geek' I'm not sure one devoted to 'Scotty' was the right avenue, but I completely understand your concerns and will have everything sorted for you soon - including the correct and desired response you should have.

    You've been more than understanding and I'm fully aware that you're probably less than happy with the response you've currently recieving.

    Rest assured, we're on top of the problems and trust you'll extend us a little extra time to make ammends.

    Noticing your post count I understand that you couldn't have PM'd me so understand the open forum post
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