I own a growing Literate Roleplaying Site.
It's about 3 months old and we already have 700 members and such.

At the moment I have a reseller from surpasshosting.com and it's not going very well for me. The post.php randomly has problems every now and then, not allowing some of the members to post. I had it checked up and it was fine, so it's obviously the server.

Anyways, the site is a bandwidth eater and I've been looking for a host for quite a time, but nothing has really met up to my needs. And me, having the lack of knowledge about servers and VSP, well, sticking with the shared hosting or the resellers are the best for me.

Traffic; http://img288.imageshack.us/my.php?i...sdrjuly6yq.png

If you are interested then please contact me at [email protected]