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    At Rackspace looking for same quality with cheaper bandwdith

    I currently have all my servers at Rackspace and am spoiled by there support and service. However, I have just received a request which more than processing power is going to require a lot of bandwidht ~600-1000 GB per month. Now, Rackspace would charge $1.80 per GB making this quite an expensive soluiton... here are my requirements:

    A Rehat Enterprise Linux 3 server w/ some sort of mirrored RAID (just don't want the entire thing going down if a HD fails) and daily backups on a solid preferably multi-homed backbone(s). Processing power isn't too important, a fair amount of memory would be great. I'd also really like a hardware firewall in front of this. I'd completely manage the server myself, but would like the firewall to be setup and configured to spec. I'd like to spend between $200-$300 per month.

    Any recomendations?

    Don't care about control panels, etc - am fully comfortable w/ linux command line.

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    EV1servers should have what your looking for, or be able to put able to put somthing together for you. You should email their custom order department and ask about backup's, firewall, RAID etc

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    Have you tried to talk to RackSpace about the costs? From what I have heard they will usually go down on bandwidth with you if you talk to them about it and try and haggle the best you can.
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    Already tried that That's how I got them down to $1.80

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    Originally posted by JpMaxMan
    Already tried that That's how I got them down to $1.80
    $1.80, although expensive, is very low for Rackspace.

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    Ah, seems a mod already removed the post.

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    How about the Planet's Focus series???

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    I would personally reccomend EV1Servers over theplanet I have used both EV1 has much better support.

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