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    Customer Charter Anyone?

    new guy on the block!

    Do any of you seasoned hosting companies here use a customer charter? If so have you had any feedback as to its relevance and whether it assists with your sales?



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    Customer charter? Please explain. Most hosts have the following, which really matter:

    1. Accepable Use Policy (AUP)
    2. Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    3. Terms of Service (ToS)
    4. Privacy Policy

    Some may even include a "mission statement" or such.

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    thanks nectar already done - i like the idea of a customer charter as it reinforces potential customers trust in the company - thats my perspective anyway

    what does anyone else think?

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    Your front-line customer-facing staff must be able to take the actions necessary, putting things right with analogy.

    You should maintain it by Setting and monitoring the standards by providing information and transparency and with courtesy and helpfulness to ensure that Charter level standards are in fact achieved.

    No doubt it is going to help you lot to assists with your sales.

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    Thanks for the replies guys



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