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    Required Dedicated...


    here are our current scene

    1) Having reseller account 10 GB with gator (cpanel)
    2) Having reseller account 05 GB with eager (cpanel)
    3) another accoutn 05 GB win2003 (hsphere)
    Total Domains around - 250
    Total Cost per month: 75$
    Budget: 100-130$ pm
    Statistics of sites: Small and med size busines, no gaming, music download, spamming, warex actitivies, clean clientale base

    Looking for dedicated option for cpanel host, can anyone suggest reasonalble price and quality service. We have seen Theplanet and Lavis performance, something there will be prefered more

    Migration withitn : 15 days

    We are not aware with managing dedicated server so i will appriciate if someone can explain what kind of trouble we invite if we have dedicated - or i prefere managed servers only.


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    My vote goes for managed servers with good support, been with them for 8 months, and I cant complain

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    The only trouble is to setup and maintain the server. Also you may need to know the security features that may be needed to be implemented. I would recommend a reputable managed server company in WHT.
    Synergy Blue LLC |
    USA should so something about:

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