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    Need help deciding on a billing system

    Right now I'm looking at LPanel, Modernbill, or AWBS.

    I would like my software to have the following features:

    - Fairly easy to use
    - Domain Registration Only capabilities
    - Knowledgebase integration
    - Easy template customization - (very important)
    - Integration with vB3 (not necessary but would be good)

    Would any of the 3 above fit all 3 requirements? Which do you use and why do you like it?
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    Hello, P-nut

    I think Lpanel is great it allows all the above, plus I like it because all clients can have their own control panel for billing, support, tutorials, cpanel/WHM they can upgrade their package from the their control panel by a click of a button, intergrated live support system, etc.

    The company likes it and or members love it.

    good luck

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