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    * LayeredTech - 1yr Review

    After seeing all of the recent posts on LayeredTech... I figured I would chime in with review. I apologize up front for the long winded post that follows.

    Background: The server was purchased in August of 2004. It is currently used to host several websites. It is a P4 2.8ghz with 1GB of RAM and 20 80GB hard drives. The server is in the Savvis Datacenter.

    My Background: I work for a large company with multiple C2 Datacenters across the country... Since our clients are governments and the facilities are locked down, there is no chance of a personal server going here. I needed a good datacenter with an affordable price, LayeredTech fit the bill.

    I originally purchased the server to consolidate my websites onto one machine. After many moves from unreliable shared hosting, I figured it was time I maintained the equipment myself. The colocation in with Savvis was a major selling point, and I emailed the host to make sure I would be in the Savvis facility. The cost of the server was the second selling factor... $103/mo including cPanel is fantastic.

    The speed from the server has always been consistent. None of my clients has ever complained their sites were loading slowly, or transfers were taking a long time. In fact most of my clients were also on shared hosting, and have welcomed the jump in speed from many of those providers.

    The uptime has been fantastic as well. I have experienced only minor downtime (that was the host's fault), and most if not all of it has occurred during maintained windows. The box was originally purchased with Fedora Core 2. This operating system worked well for the first 2-3months but eventually had to be rebooted daily. It got to the point where the server would not reboot gracefully and had to be helped by the technicians to bring it back up. The techs never complained and did what they needed to in order for the box to get back online. This was all within 30 mins of submitting the reboot ticket to the NOC. After suggestions from the Techs that an OS reload was needed... I submitted the ticket ans had the box restaged with CentOS. The box was restaged with the new OS 5hrs after submitting the ticket, and was only down for 2hrs during this process. I find that incredible. The box has now been rock solid stable with only minor downtime (all my fault).

    Support: Given the above events and my experience submitting reboot tickets... The reboots are done within 30mins of submitting the ticket. I can't say I've ever come to the support dept with anything beyond reloading the OS and Reboot requests... It's an unmanaged server, I don't expect anything beyond what they have done. They have exceeded the expectations several times, especially when the box had issues.

    Overall I am extremely pleased with LayeredTech. I have had no complaints and they have done everything I've asked of them. I plan to remain with LayeredTech for the foreseeable future. Great Job Guys!

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    It's about time somebody posted a nice review like this. I would like to post my own but I haven't had my LT machine long enough for me to fee justified in doing so.

    In the two months or so I have been with them I've been completely happy as well. I love savvis, tech support has been fast the two times I needed it, and they are rarely beat on price.

    Nice post SMC-MF
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    Interesting and nice review. Thanks!

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    I think LT has been getting a bad rap lately , glad to see someone post something nice.
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    I will post one soon aswell as ive been with them for almost a year aswell.

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