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    Newbie to Dreamweaver Mx 2004

    Hi there guys i need some help on this web design software as im quite new to it. when im using a template file in dreamweaver mx 2004 how do i change the name in the navigation bar...

    simple saying the template file i use has a navigation bar contains serverak menus how do i change the name of one the menu name?

    Lastly how do i create a new page in one of the menu??

    any kind souls help me pls??

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    post us a screen shot of what you want to do, also if you go to neowin there are tonnes of people who can help

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    are you talking about the title or in dreamweaver theres flash menus and prolly right clicking can help
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    yea i dont quite understand what you mean dude post a screenshot so we can understand better

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    Is there a website where we can see the template as it is right now?

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