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    Setting up a server without using virtualhosts

    Well, perhaps I'm lazy, or stupid, or just don't want to think for myself, but I figured with all the knowledge arounnd here it doesn't hurt to ask...

    I'm setting up a dedicated server to host only one website and have no need for other virtual hosts. I have installed a LAMP server and everything is working like it should. Since I'm not too experienced with linux yet (Using CentOS 4.1 by the way), I'm having a hard time getting al my windows logic out of my head...

    This is how I would like to have everything set up: (perhaps there's really no need to put that on its own IP?)

    Ok, so far so good. Now I want to set up a user account for my webserver with home directory at the apache serverroot giving that user ftp access to that directory, and that directory only. Is all that possible to do for a novice like myself?

    I might noe be thinking straight when it comes to all this, but I have a pretty good idea on how I would like things to be... I just need someone to help me think and slowly guide me through the process.

    Any input is truly appreciated

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    yes, of course it possible. you may use adduser command and indicate all requirred settings (for example path to user home directory). same for password.
    regarding ftp this is may depend from which software you us, but anyway each ftp server has a configuration files and tyyou may indicated documentroot for ftp server too.
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