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    Lightbulb Searching Mailling List Software

    Der all,

    I want to get some information about open source Mailing List Software.
    Do you know if there is such as Yahoo Groups software. It dosen't necessary need to have a lot of feature but i must include Automation account creation feature.

    thank you in advance.


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    Hello !

    The dev team of Domain Technologie Control (DTC: a free control panel for web hosting) has search a long time for a satisfying solution.

    I think we have tried most of the mailing lists manager, and NONE was satisfying, because NONE was able to support virtual domains the good way (which means a SIMPLE way). Then we founded MLMMJ (Mailing List Manager Make it Joyfull). First, there was only support for Postfix, and as I'm talking the new version 1.2.9 also supports Qmail (since few days), which is perfect for us because we use both Postfix and Qmail.

    I hope this helps...

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