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    Question How we can understand a hosting what kind of hardware in use ?

    How we can understand a hosting what kind of hardware in use ? (linux host)

    For exam one hosting advertising their hosting has:
    CPU: dual exon 3600Mhz + RAM: 4GB DDR400
    So we want understand this host really has this hardware or it is not true? maybe they use P4-2000Mhz+ 1GB DDR333 for hosting!

    Is there any script or program exist for full Recognize hosting hardware? so we upload that soft to our host and then find all hardware characteristics ?

    I want understand at list this information:

    CPU: model
    CPU: speed
    CPU: number of cpu
    RAM: capacity
    RAM: BUS speed
    NETWORK connection : Speed

    Please help me for linux hosting.
    If also exist any soft for windows host, tell me how i can get it?

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    I think this is what you are looking for...

    Check for things like this
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    thanks for help me.
    but i could not download this soft.
    is it free soft?

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    I believe there are scripts that are available for such purpose as displaying CPU Details etc.. Do a search at or and see if anything comes up.
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    phpSysInfo is a PHP script that displays information about the host being accessed.

    It will displays things like Uptime, CPU, Memory, SCSI, IDE, PCI, Ethernet, Floppy, and Video Information.

    the site is phpsysinfo[dot]sourceforge[dot]net

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    awibble,Hoobastank68,Iravr thanks for help me.

    but phpsysinfo is very useful soft. it is show all system info.
    thanks Iravr

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    Hmm, neat script awibble. I got curious and ran it myself, was kinda neat. And for sanbad the script he linked is availible for free, you can download it here
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    you can download it here
    thanks but when i click this link i redirect to home page and that zip file did not download!
    and when i go to download section show pass fild for payment user!

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