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    Need help on changing datacenter (and why)

    Ok I am currently with Atjeu and some of you may remember:

    And now the server is going down, now, on average of 12 to 24 hours which is indicating somethings wrong with the hardware and dare I say it, the hard drive. They indicated this on their help desk to me since they are doing hard drive tests right now (which they said would take 3 hours). Heh, they said they'd start at 2am like I said, they're kind of late.

    Anyway I really don't need all the hardware problems as they've already got enough money out of me with the monthly fee and when they requested me to upgrade my RAM when it wasn't the RAM, it was the hard drive.

    Anyway I just want a more reliable Datacenter and I have the following in mind: - Cheap, Accept Paypal, and Forums to voice myself! - I haven't looked into these guys much and want to hear your experiences and/or views. They accept Paypal and the prices seemed decent, I am very interested. - Same as steadfast. Read that.

    Do you guys have any suggestions? Lets say my budget is $100-$150 and I have several small sites and 2 average sized ones. If you could pick one of the above and give me more information on them or suggest your own that'd be great!


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