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    Hosting Problem - Any Ideas?


    I signed up for a hosting account. Using Dreamweaver MX, I setup my site to FTP. I tested all my login details and I can connect to the server.

    When I connect to the server I get a message:

    'Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote server time. The Select newer and Synchronise commands will not be available'.

    When I try to upload any files I get an error message

    'An FTP error occured - cannot put xxx.jpeg - Dreamwever incountered an internal data - please try the operation again'.

    I am not able to upload any files to the server despite being able to connect to the server. I have other sites hosted elsewhere and have not had this problem - the host says he has seen this before but can't remember the fix

    Any ideas on what is causing this problem?

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    I've never used dreamweaver, but i would check all the settings, does it use passive connections? are you sure its logging into the server correctly?

    If you have everything 100% correct in dreamweaver, then contact your host.
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    All the settings are correct I believe. When I click 'test' next to the login information I get the message 'Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 has connected to your Web server successfully'

    There is a 'Use Passive FTP' option but I have not got this box ticked.

    I have contacted the host and he said he has seen this before but can't remember the fix.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this problem at either my end or his?

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    I think this link will explain what the problem is and it is a very easy fix.

    Also use PASV mode.

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    It is better to use an FTP client such as Cute FTP or similiar? Have you already contacted your hosting provider and what did they tell you?

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    You can try the instructions at the link provided by GWG and that might resolve it, but I have also seen this error occur before and I think it's also due to the permissions settings of the area where Dreamweaver is trying to create the "time" file.

    Sometimes this happens when someone didn't specify their document directory to FTP to in the Dreamweaver remote settings. Thus, it tries to connect the root directory and create that silly old "time" file. Sometimes hosts do not offer permissions to the customers to create and edit files on the root. So one way to remedy this could be to specify the directory for your FTP location (under "host directory") where the web pages and images should be uploaded. Specifying the host directory setting has always worked for me (I don't get that error).

    Also yes, check the Passive mode option.

    ..not sure about the other error you received.
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