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Thread: IBill ?

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    IBill ?

    Does anyone know if IBill is paying their current (GKard) clients?


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    So many problems with IBILL this days - all my customers who use them for years switched to CCBILL over past 12 months... Stay away from them

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    IBill is not paying clients, and they are now under investigation by the US Justice Department as referred to The New York daily times.
    There should be no room for doubt that iBill is the guilty party, they are purely responsible for thousands of their clients going unpaid.

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    Way too many webmasters lost their businesses when iBill decided to sue instead of trying to locate a different transaction processor.

    Just curious - how long have you been with them VegasSportsPics?

    There was a quote over on Xbiz dated 29 Apr 05:
    Responding to criticism that it has not paid affiliates in its latest round of payment settlements, Internet payment services provider iBill admitted that a temporary accounting glitch had left revshare payments undistributed to webmasters.
    Not too sure if that might have anything to do with you or not.

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