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    I just started designing this site last night. I need some feedback and suggestions on the layout of the site.
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    simple and effective so far, try putting text padding and reducing text size to normal readable size.

    best of luck!

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    1. please make some simple logo in photoshop or even just your text. for one so it looks consistant always.

    2. bottom and right boarders sink into the bg, you should make them a different color.

    3. the text on the page "Welcom.. " is not easy to read. you have to want to read it to start reading. i would start with "Welcome to .. Venue" in a bit larger font sze, then new line then your paragraph.
    and like above he said: add the padding

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    i like the simplicity, gets the point across. i think perhaps a different color around the borders, and maybe some navigation buttons instead of just text links, best of luck with your site

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    I like how you're not just hosting or design, but you're web promotion.

    Kinda what my company is getting in to. Cool beans.
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    Changing your Font from Times New Roman and that other one to Verdana or Tahoma, 11px will make a big improvement also

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    think the font is a little tacky and too big, grey can also be quite dull, try a neutral colour like a blue or green.

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