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    Renegade-Gaming Servers. Play On.

    Renegade-Gaming Servers.. is now offering New Specials
    A little something about Renegade-Gaming Servers:
    We have been in buisness for over 1 1/2 years doing what we do best, Selling Game Hosting, dedicated hosting, and webhosting. With our new site,, We offer a wide area of services to provide our customers needs.
    As to the Game Hosting Offers...
    1. Buy a 20 man Public Server(HL,AA,Hl2), Get a 20 man Voice Server Free!

    2. Buy a 32 Man Public(HL,AA,Hl2,mods), Get a 32 Man Voice Server Free

    3. Buy at least a 16 man Public Server(HL,AA,Hl2, mods) , Get a Free 11 Man Private for scrimming and matches! Great for clans!

    4. 15% off All Our Game Hosting. Use Coupon Code SUMSPEC

    All of our hardware is all Dual Intel Or AMD Servers, with at least 2 GBs of ram. We host in NYC, NJ, FL, TX, Chicago, and CA.
    All servers have connections to 10GBPS+ of bandwidth.
    As always. Renegade-Gaming Servers... Play On.

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    I dont want to bash your thread or anything, but is your site heavily inspired by branzone or a rip or something? Or possibly the other way around.

    EDIT: the sites both have the same prices for everything and the buttons on your site dont work.

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