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    question about Linux/Windows based hosts

    now i'm about to register with a webhost - but i'm kind of confused. when they say they are 'linux based', does that mean their server is on Linux, or that i need have a Linux OS?

    Also, how bout here - at, they have a package that says 'Linux' and one that says 'Windows'. i have no idea which one to choose - i am using Windows, but do they just mean I can use either one - depending on if i want to integrate Windows utilities or whatever into my site?

    anyone following me?

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    It means the server is Linux Based, you do not need to be running on Linux yourself at home to use their service.

    Deciding between a linux or windows package/host is totally up to you, I suggest you do a search and read some articles on comparisons etc... google would be good for that
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    thank you!

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    Linux & Windows are both operating systems on there web servers.

    Depending on what type of applications you would like to use you have the choice of either one.

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    Ya THRMan is rght. They both offer their ups and downs. You just have to decide what is better for you. I personally like Linux servers, but thats just from my own experience. Well good luck with your decision
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