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    SprocketData Inc. (SDI) Co-location Experience

    SprocketData Inc. (SDI) Co-location Experience

    Finding SprocketData Inc.

    I have been searching for a colo facility in Texas on and off for about 6 months before I finally settled for SprocketData Inc. Houston was a little pricey for us, so I decided on Dallas for our central co-location. My first choice was colo4dallas, however Paul couldn't match his price quote he given me 6 months ago due to a recent Internap upgrade. After several emails later he was still quoting me near website price, which I don't blame him for because I did flaked out on him the first time around, which might have influenced his decision or just wasn't taking me seriously. However, that made me think about how he would handle future negotiations when I will be needing higher commits, so I decided to give colo4dallas a rest. (Even though, I don't have experience with colo4dallas, Paul was very prompt with emails) Once I started searching for tenants in the Dallas Infomart building is when I came upon SprocketData Inc.

    SprocketData Inc. Sales

    This was my first colo out of state, so I was somewhat skeptical emailing them at first but am sure glad I did. It was the end of May when I decided to email sales with about a dozen questions, hoping to get at least a few of them answered. The next morning, I get a response from Jeffrey Johnston (CEO) of SprocketData Inc. and I was surprised by the content of his email. He had taken each and every one of my questions one by one and gave it a detailed answer. Honestly, of the 30+ quotes I've sent out during my 6 month search, I've never received a response as detailed and to the point as this one, so it is fair to say I was impressed. Jeff sent me a follow up email that evening asking if he answered all my questions, which is quiet common but it was still prompt. I was now interested, I decided to email him with some more questions not so much technical as he already quoted me a very generous offer on his services. The next couple days I found out a little more about SDI as a company, how Jeff is the sole share holder in the company and how Carl Sewell's book of "Customer for Life" is a required reading for all his new hires, so on so forth. I was very satisfied with the level of service he provided me with and I decided to take him up on his offer and give SDI a try.

    SprocketData Inc. Experience

    I signed up with SDI around June 7th within an hour my IPs were assigned and I was ready to ship my brand new Dell SC1425 to Dallas, Texas. He also offered me his FedEx corporate account to save us some money on shipping cost plus a $25 credit towards all incoming freight fees, which I thought was very nice of them. We were in a hurry to send out the server as our new website was set for release in a couple days. At the time, our server did not have any rails as we did not want to pay $140 for Dell rails. I decided to call up SDI and ask them about any availability on rails for my server. Jeff was as courteous and professional on the phone as he was via email and told me that he would have one of his guys look around for spare rails. After about 10 minutes he informed me that they had just given it to another client and there wasn't any available but still offered to get it for us from Dell. I decided to buy my own set of rails and send it to them instead. He offered to put my 1U server on a shelf for the time being at no extra cost. It took about 5 days for my system to get there and about 35 minutes after them receiving my server to get it online!

    SprocketData Inc. Technical Support

    I had contacted SDI technical support twice. Once at the beginning, due to lack of speed on my in/outbound transfers, which was was quickly resolved by Jeff Ragans, over the course of the day. He was on top of the issue and kept updating us via email and phone. The router was fine tuned and we are pulling some very decent numbers. The second time I dealt with technical support was when they emailed me with a scheduled maintenance to mount the rails on my server, which took them about 5 minutes.

    All in all, I am more than satisfied with SprocketData Inc. I am a frequent visitor of this board and due to the lack of reviews I felt compelled to share my own personal experience with them. I believe SDI is of the best and least talked about companies on these boards and they deserve the attention they given us. I would highly recommend them for co-location in Dallas.

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    SDI is very well established locally here in Dallas. I'm giving credit where credit is due.....they are very strong and are a very good competitor. They have developed a niche market of high service, excellent support, and great network.

    How often do you see a competitor take his hat off for another.

    They run a great shop.
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