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    Need A 2 Page Template Designed - Will pay $75 via PayPal - Supreme Quality ONLY!

    Hi, I need a template designed for a "gentlemens club" site.

    I will pay $75 for the design. I need a main page and 1 subpage designed.

    If you can't do HIGH quality work as far as graphics and coding go, please do not conctact me.

    Please send me some samples of your work/portfolio if you're interested in the job.

    The template must be completed by Monday the 25th of July.

    Will pay all funds via PayPal OR U.S. Postal Money Order, if preferred.

    I have an example of the kind of design I want. Email me to see it.

    The template must be made in such a way that it is easy to modify and absolutely NO flash!!!


    PM me or post your email address here for me to contact you.

    I will own all rights to the template.

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    Supreme quality and $75 don't mix. Plain and simple.

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    It's a two page template. Very simple.

    And, yes, I've gotten it before here at WHT.

    I have some VERY nice templates designed for well under $100.

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    Alrighty, good luck!

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    im interested

    e-mail: mrcheeky[at]gmail[dot]com
    AIM: mrcheeky03
    MSN: mrcheeky[at]blitzout[dot]com

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    Hey RabbitRacer, I will send you a PM but do you perhaps have an MSN messenger address that I could contact you at?

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    Thanks so much for all of the great replies from talented web designers. Like always, you've all shown me some impressive samples of your work.

    I'll need a day to decide who to choose. I have a LOT of really great portfolios to browse.

    Thanks again for your offers to help!

    I'll post who I chose here, after I make my choice.

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