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    Advertising Music type site.. I need sites to advertise on!

    Anyone with a site targeted towards musicians I need to advertise.

    Im looking for pricing on 468x60 banners and 120x600 skyscrapers.

    I need BIG!!! Sites with MAJOR TRAFFIC!!!!

    Please reply with site name and proof of stats along with the pricing of what I requested above..


    *to speed this up, price does not matter, so we don't need the what is your budget questions*

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    What about gaming site?

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    I could probably use that for another site.. PM me with traffic proof and price asap


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    PM sent, let me know if you got it because since I run a gaming site it might be more useful for the other site you mentioned that you run.

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    I have a music website, and I'm looking to allow advertising on it.
    It's averages 600-700 hits/day, with over 500 unique visitors.

    Let me know if your interested.

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