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    Question testing a site security

    Some web developers are making a site for me.
    As we manage a lot of personal information I'd like to get shure of 2 things:
    -Is the data I'm requesting to my customers secure? This is, can someona easily brake the site to get personal information.
    Is the site easy to put out of work, this is can someone willing to harm it make it down?

    I've been trying to find some people doing this kind of test, but I'd appriciate recommendations from people at wht.

    Have a nice day!

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    Theres no real tests that can be done unless you are willing to pay someone to go over your entire code.
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    Of course payment is necesary for doing the tests. The problem is finding who does it.


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    There are several pen testing software packages that cna be used to test web applications such as those that use php, mysql, sql, asp and so on. I would also suggest simple grep statements of their code looking for key known bad coding like file includes that can lead to cross site scriptting.
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