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    Research on web hosting control panel (web hosting client)

    Hi all,

    I'm a student currently pursuing my final year degree and I would like to do some research on the web hosting control panel currently available on the market.

    Please feel free to answer/skip any questions below.

    Your contribution is much appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to participate in this questionnaire.

    If you're a web hosting client:

    Questionnaire 1

    1. What is the URL of your website?


    2. A brief description about your website.


    3. Who is your web hosting provider?


    4. Which web hosting control panel system does your web host provide for you to manage your account?

    [ ] Cpanel
    [ ] Ensim
    [ ] Plesk
    [ ] None
    [ ] Others: __________________

    5. Which web hosting control panel system have you used before?

    [ ] Cpanel
    [ ] Ensim
    [ ] Plesk
    [ ] None
    [ ] Others: __________________

    6. Please rate based on the following criteria, the web hosting control panel system you are currently using.
    (1 being poor and 10 being excellent)

    Easy to use:
    Features provided:
    User interface:
    Loading time and speed:
    Help and support:

    7. What features/functions do you frequently use in the control panel system?


    8. Is there any problem you have encountered before while using the current control panel system? If yes, please briefly state the problem(s).


    9. What additional features/functions you would like to see in a web hosting control panel system?


    10. Which control panel do you like the best and why?


    11. Additional comments:


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    Submitted it. Hope that helps.
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    Thank you for your time.

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    Moved to other reviews.
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    your email address

    Hi Hoojx,

    Would you share your email address or Yahoo handle where you can be contacted? I dont seem to have the permission to send you a PM or email.



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