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Thread: Banner Contest

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    Banner Contest

    Banner Design Contest

    Company: INC.

    Type: Webhosting Industry

    Company Contact/Questions:

    John Salko
    [email protected]
    Subject: Contest Question

    Prizes: " 6 awards"

    1. $50 Cash Prize " 1 award "
    2. $25 Cash Prize " 1 award "
    2. Free lifetime hosting accounts with " 3 awards "
    3. 5 free domain name purhcases " 1 award"

    Banner Design specs combos:

    Banners should contain content from plans listed at

    1. Full Color
    2. Static
    3. Animiated
    4. Banner should be clear and crisp
    5. Banners should be sumitted in "Various Sizes". The more you submit, the better your chance.


    * Starts as of this post time.
    * Ends July 27, 2005 5pm EST.
    * Private submissions welcome to contact e-mail provided.
    * Posted submissions to this thread if allowed by companys owners.
    * Contest can end at anytime before the date listed if were satified with design.
    * Winner can choose prizes listed above. If cash prize is requested you can accept PayPal or Check.
    * Posted on and our Support forum listed at
    * Everyone is welcome to submit

    Goodluck and I look forward to seeing your creative designs.

    100Megswebhosting INC

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    What size is the banner, and where would it be used?
    Albert Chen
    website & graphics design | Hosting
    aim/icq : achenxp | msn : [email protected]

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    a good contest, i will have my entry soon as i got free time. goodluck to all the participants.

    - Theo - Defiant to Boundaries
    aim: aimtheodea icq: 280307610 | msn / email: info[at]

  4. Well we will try it too. sice we do banners. but i have one question. Is it one per company or more then one?

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    It clearly says above, that all sizes are necessary and the more banners you submit, the better your chances of winning are.

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    ill have a go at it.

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