Hey Guys,

We are looking to expand our business operations to areas beside of web hosting. If you have existing internet project, which is profitable or has good earning potential in near future - this offer can be good for you.

Areas of interest - Internet based businesses -> Online Store, Portals, Web Master Resources or etc.

What we can offer you ?

$$$ for expanding your business - from $500 to $25,000 per project + hosting (if necessary)

What we want in return ? -

% share of future profits

How you can apply for this offer ?

Send your project information (including your project purpose, current or future earing and how you can get your project on NEXT level and how much you need in order to reach that) - all offers have to be send to [email protected] - after we review your project and potentials - we will stay in touch with you for more info.

IMPORTANT - we DONT wanna buy projects - we only want to became co-owners and you have to operate your project