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    50 000 UNIQUE visitors per month. $10 site-wide text link.

    I'll give ya the nitty-gritty of the site, since that's what we're all after.

    Traffic: 50 000 unique visitors per month (1500 - 2000 per day)
    Bio: The site is a photoshop, php, and HTML/CSS tutorial site with over 90 Photoshop tutorials. The site also has an active forum of over 600 members.

    Your text link will be placed site-wide in the left hand nav bar with the others. At the start of August they will be randomized each time the page loads, so everyone will have a fair shot at location.

    To Sign Up: Post here with your text and url, and sign up here via paypal:

    Cost: Just $10/mo. We want to make sure your advertising cash works so that we will maintain repeat business.


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    I'm confused here, you want us to sign up for hosting AND pay you 10$? or what do you want?

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    no the hosting link is simply where I have the paypal subscription button. I am purely selling $10/mo site-wide text links.

    My apologies, I see where the confusion is. The link should be.

    No hosting.

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    Ah I don't see a left hand advert area?

    Secondly, props out to Durham wut wut.

    Nice to see a local.

    PINJACK.COM - A better host
    100% Canadian

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    Ok its not too complicated. The ad is going on on the left hand side under the tutorials. You sign up for that ad space through the link above.

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    Ok, i subscribed. Do you include link on forums as well?

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