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    Question Question!!!

    I have my own small business/site & I saw a segment on G4TV's Attack of the Show some time ago on this site called: that offers a Free 13 page list of top paying google adsense keywords - but I never visited the site till yesterday and I'm wondering before I try it out if anyone here had used it ?

    Advice , Responses in general appreciated

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    $97 per click...

    I dont think its true..

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    Yeah well tan again I just heard from a friend of mine that it all depends on the global location in referance to the advertiser ... I might just go ahead n take a chance ... Thanks neways

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    i still think $97 a click is a loud of bs ;p people would go out of business at that rate!
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    The adword mesothelioma can easliy have $50+ per click and run $2k a day.

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    A company could do $97 a click.. If the ad said "by clicking this you will at least spend $600 dollars ... and this is a legal document"
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