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    EasyASPHosting - any experience with them?

    Hi - I'm a newbie here and just did a search for EasyASPHosting and only found one post. Has anyone had any experience?

    I use them for small sites I manage, but am extremely aggrevated by my current host at work, and am curious if anyone has used EasyASPHosting for big jobs?

    As an aside, I had heard great things about CrystalTech and was planning on moving to them shortly. Unfortunately I just read some bad reviews saying their service went down the tube. If that's not the case, lemme know so I can throw them back in the mix!

    Thanks! I appreciate your help.

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    You are correct, CrystalTech used to be a great host but now their service has gone down hill. I am thinking the fact that they were acquired is the cause for their degradation in services.

    Another host you might want to take a look at is I have been using them for a about 2 years now and their hosting is rock solid. I know they've won some hosting awards recently so I am not the only one that thinks they are good

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