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    I want...

    VPS with a following package:

    Disk Space 3000 MB or more
    Monthly Transfer 30 GB or more
    Available Memory 256 MB
    Memory Burstable Upto 512 MB
    Hosted Domains 5 or more

    Price Range $20-$25

    I found this package at rosehosting but they do not offer their services in my country. any idea where i can get a package similar to this ?

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    Check out - they're specs and prices are top-notch.

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    Take a look at VPScolo, LiquidWeb, this one is not that cheap, but very good service from them.

    Portugal Networks
    Shared and Reseller cPanel Accounts. NEW! Windows 2003 with Plesk, ASP.NET 2.0 and MSSQL 2005.

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    Your website is down.. I dont know how to look at the packages, etc

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    Originally posted by RazorBlue - Dan
    Call me a competitor, but I'm sure many will agree with me in saying that GoDaddy VPS's are definately not the best around ...
    I'm currently with another company at the moment and also looking for reasonable VPS/Dedicated Server performance and costs (I just looked at godaddy's specs recently, I'm not with them). Please feel free to name off a few that you recommend. Thanks.

    My budget is around $40 US.

    I'm in Canada and are looking for either a company based in Canada or the USA.

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    Originally posted by NazzcaPro
    My budget is around $40 US.
    If 50$ is enough around 40$, then you may want to consider LiquidWeb VPS with current special offer posted to WHT. IIRC, their datacenter is in Lansing, MI.

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    In my opinion Steadfast Networks and LiquidWeb are the best for fully managed solutions.

    I would also reccomend taking a look at PowerVPS and Servint

    Just do a search here and you'll find Godaddy is not good at all.

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    Personally, I wouldn't host a tea party with Godaddy.
    Servint, I don't know about.
    Rackforce is ok, just didn't meet my needs.
    PowerVPS is the best IMO and the CPanel 1 is 44USD/month so would be within your budget.

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