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    PayPal Pro Shopping Cart

    I found on another forum that digishop has integrated paypal pro. Very cool. I am going to check it out and give it a spin.

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    awsome...i tried the paypal pro shop but i got confused and gave up lol but that sounds cool digishop is nicely made

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    Here is an update. I have been using digishop w/ paypal pro. It has worked out very well. I would highely recommend it.

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    Nice, I might go with digishop & paypal pro instead of OSCommerce with paypal pro module (which I hear is buggy). However, I wont have the option of all the OSCommerce community contributions if I go with digishop.

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    I'm going to purchase a copy of Digishop sometime next month I think. It looks like the best shopping cart software out there. And I've looked at a ton!

    It's so dissapointing that there can't be more solid shopping cart systems. All of them are either a) ugly, b) non-customizable, or c) completely non functional :[

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    So anyone have URL's to demo sites they made with digishop? The ones listed on their page aren't that great...

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    For the hosting industry or any recurring charge it's worthless. You are not allowed to store CC#'s and the CCV has to be submitted with every transaction.

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