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    Wink New Design

    After several weeks of work with a design team we have finally launched our new design.

    We hope with our new design, clients will be able to navigate our site much easier and be able to get a good feeling of how our company operates.

    Please let me know what you think!

    Thanks! - We Fly Above The Competition™
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    Hi, the design itself is quite nice. Very elegant and straight-to-the-point. However, I take a slight issue with your plan comparison pages. If every plan offers the same network 'technology,' wouldn't it be better suited to a separate tab/page under your company/network page? While tabular lists are an improvement over paragraphs, the point is to make them simple to read and easy to understand. I quickly looked over the specific OS (which happens to be the same across the board), noted bandwidth and disk space, glossed over scripts/control panel information (I guess a lot of people want a control panel for shared hosting) and jumped down to the pricing.

    That being said, your prices are very competitive (here's to not overselling, at least not too much) and good luck on the relaunch.
    Brad Liang
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    your main page looks nice. but there is somthing missing, all of the colors and feel are kind of the same. try some variation between the 3 solutions.

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    I think it looks really good .. but I also agree with [LSG]Ben .. try doing some kind of mix of the colors and try to get a different feel for it.

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    Very nice, I like it, very neat and well set out.

    Good work

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    looks nice and clean, but it could use a complimentary colour to add some sparkle. Something on the warm side would be good. Orange is the typical colour to use with blue, and although it would work, it would make your site look "typical". Maybe try some deeper blues with a bright magenta for highlights.

    - Jesse

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    Yeah nice a sharpe, bit boring, could do with some animation.

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