Rather than making 2 posts, i figured i'd hit 2 birds with one stone.

First, i want to let everyone know about acehost.net and that shoddy hosting they provide.

I've been with acehost.net for several months. From the start, i've experienced extremely poor uptime, poor support, and a lot of i don't knows.

I was using their reseller's package. I dont use it to try to be a reseller. Mainly i picked it up because of the number of projects i do myself. It was cheap and that's what i needed at the time.

Every time my site has gone down for more than 30 minutes, i've put in a ticket. Every time i put in a ticket, the only answers i recieved were i dont know, or, we see no problem. They are full of malarky. 7 websites dont go down for no reason. MySQL was never stable and neither were the email servers.

For the last 2 days, i've had nothing but headaches regarding them. My site was down for an hour, then 2 hours, then 3 hours. I put in a support ticket. Their response was:
We are fixing the issue and apologize for the inconvience.
Then i wait a little longer and ask if i should wait up for it. I mean, it can't be anything serious. They didn't let the customers know.

This is the response i recieved:
There is no timeframe set.

Unfortunately we are experiencing severe difficulties with the hard drive on the server your site is located on at the moment. Our technicians have been forced to bring down the server immediately to replace a hard drive that is risking imminent failure.

We are taking *all* necessary precautions to preserve all data on the drive, however it is impossible to predict any and all difficulties regarding such a process.

Swapping a hard drive, transferring the data, and verifying data integrity is a very delicate process, as such we do not have a specific ETA for the server being brought up. However, rest assured that we are completing this process as swiftly and as safely as possible to preserve your data.

We take this issue, and your data, very seriously. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. The server will be returned to operation as soon as possible!
To be honest, i felt as if i had been talked down to. It took them almost 48 hours to correct the problem. I am a computer technician. It has NEVER taken me 48 hours to do what they said they were doing for the same problems. NEVER.

While this whole fiasco was going on, i took it upon myself to research resellers. I need the space the reseller accounts have. I found this forum. In here, i found exovian. I read very positive reviews about them. I also found pretty bad reviews about acehost.net

Exovian has been nothing but spectacular for the coulpe days i've had them.

Ben has taken taken all the time in the world to ensure I was a happy customer. He transferred all of my sites, put up with my pestering questions with the patience of a saint, and worked with me on everything i could have imagined.

The speed of his hosting is outstanding. Acehost was extremely slow and bothersome.

Since the move, the people i host (and i have an extremely large military wives support site i'm hosting) have noticed the quality of the hosting. They have praised exovian to no end.

Exovian is a highly professional hosting service and i hope to be with them for a very long time.

I recommend Exovian to anyone.

I understand there is no perfect host, but these guys, so far, seem to be it.

Ben, again, i want to say thank you for putting up with me, and also for making this transition so smooth.