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    OScommerce Template for sale


    I want to sell this template which was made for OScMax and has been customised for it.... the buyer wanted this template but dunno he say's that is a template on some site...dont know where maybe he is not willing to pay so making excuses.... the working template can be seen at Oscommerce Template any one interested may msg me or if they find a similar one too can let me know... i have the psd too and will be providing the same to the buyer along with the implemented template in OscMax...

    The starting amount which i would sell is $200 ....

    U can contact me at AOL:GraphixTrends, MSN:[email protected], Yahoo:librianguy


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    Nice template. It doesn't really fit the look I am going for on a site I'm working on, but perhaps you would be able to quote another for me?

    Feel free to email me using the button below (if you are interested)., a Digitally Justified Company
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