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    I've been with SJR for about 2.5 months, and I was going to wait two more weeks to post a review, but I had a request from someone here for an update, so I decided to go ahead.

    If you read my original SJR thread, you'll see that Scott really helped me out when an old host went down for several days, and it was tough retrieving my database (one problem after another). But then I started noticing little outages of exactly 20 or 30 minutes, several times a week. He had some trouble diagnosing this, and I had a fair amount of downtime before he realized it was a client using a script that hogged server resources.

    After he got rid of that client, the outages stopped. Very soon after that, he also got a new server which was noticeably faster, and everything's been smooth sailing since. (Well, let me amend that: my site's been downfor me since last night. But Host-Tracker doesn't list it as downtime because it IS apparently working in some areas. In most, it gives an error message of: "Sys_error("Http_client: host name lookup failed for")". So this may be an issue outside SJR's control... I don't know, and their site is down at the moment, too.)

    The site I'm currently hosting on SJR is It's not the same site I had on there originally - the original site has been growing rapidly, so I moved it and put BohemianStorm on SJR instead (will post on that host next).

    Bottom line? Most if not all of the problems I've had appear to be in the past. You definitely get more than your money's worth with SJR, and I think Scott is dedicated to this improvement. If you're looking at SJR, I assume you're not planning to host a really mission-critical site, because SJR does not have redundant servers or any other options that would allow them to keep your site running while they fix problems - actually, only a short list of hosts offer that level of service. For anything else, particularly if you're on a budget, I think SJR is worth considering.
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    Thanks for the review of BlueMushrooms. Sure others will find it helpful.

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    Just came by this, its not its the .net is a free (sponsored) web host. Just thought I would point that out.
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