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    Need Two Designs

    I am currently in need of two different templates. If interested, please PM me with your portfolio. Please do not respond if you cannot meet my budget.

    1) This design needs to be focused around Search Engine Optimization and is for a website Color scheme should be yellow, possibly with some purple, but tasteful. Will need main page designed and 1 generic sub page. Will also need a logo design. Design needs to be sliced and coded. Flash elements a plus, but not required.

    Budget: $50


    2) This design needs to be focused on accounting. I have a logo for this website. Color scheme is negotiable. Would like to have the website look professional, but not so professional that it could discourage potential clients with lower incomes. Will need main page and sub page created. Sliced and coded. Website will also be multi-lingual, so there must be a dropdown box at the top of the page to select a language. Initially it will be in English and Spanish. Flash elements a plus, but not required.

    Budget: $65

    I will accept PMs until Friday July 22nd and will be making a decision early next week.

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    Sorry for the double post but:

    Would that be suitable for number 1? Obviously the positioning of the links needs to be fixed and other things need to be spiced up. But is that ok or would you like something more complex?

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