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    1 Hour ready server (just 1)

    The following server is ready to go and it will be setup in just 1 hour after payment made.

    P4 2.8 HT
    896MB DDR
    2*40GB HDD
    3Mbit Unmetered Connection
    DirectAdmin Included
    Free Setup
    94.99$ Monthly

    If you've got any question about the server, you can contact me.
    Yahoo Messenger: hamed_afshar
    Msn Messenger: [email protected]
    Email: hamed_afshar [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com

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    Where is this machine located?
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    It's my own server with them.

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    Is this the one with 3mbps shared over a lot of servers? Or is it totally dedicated to your server only. Since globaldc usually posted that 3 mbps is shared over all of their customers in that location. Please verify, thanks.

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    It's not shared over a lot of servers.
    as I remember they told me every 10 server is shared with 3mbps.
    well, as my experience with them, usually my connection was about 150 KByte/S. sometimes it got lower to 120 or as low as 100.
    But the default was 150KByte/s for me when I tried to transfer a file to another server or etc.

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