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    Go Daddy Launches Reseller Program

    Well, well, well...

    Top Domain Name Registrar, Go Daddy, Launches Reseller Program

    Scottsdale, Ariz., July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The Go Daddy Group, Inc. has announced the launch of new and improved reseller plans for Wild West Domains, its reseller program. Dubbed ''Wild West Reloaded,'' the new plans invigorate the online presence of existing resellers, and provide new resellers the ability to positively impact their online sales quicker.

    Four major initiatives characterize Wild West's reloaded plans. First, all plans have the industry's lowest buy rates; comparisons are available at Second, unlike competitor programs, Wild West resellers are not required to pre-fund accounts in order to be a reseller. Third, there is no revenue sharing -- which means resellers retain the entire profit for each and every product they sell. Fourth, the ability to generate profit is increased, because every reseller now receives a wide variety of marketing tools (a $300+ retail value), at no cost, including:

    * Free Secure SSL Certificate shows the world that transactions on reseller sites are up to 256-bit encrypted and secure;

    * Free Deluxe email account provides resellers with 5 email addresses and 1,000MB total storage;

    * Free Traffic Blazer(R), allows resellers to optimize and submit their sites to search engines like Google(R) , Yahoo!(R) and MSN(R);

    * Free WebSite Tonight(R) allows resellers to build their own custom home pages;

    * Free Express Email Marketing(TM) allows resellers to keep in contact with their customers the spam-Free and legal way, and includes ready-made templates;

    * Free Online File Folder(TM) provides secure, on-the-go access to important files from any Internet-connected computer;

    * Free Google AdWords credit helps resellers' ads appear alongside and above search results on; and

    * Free Reseller Handbook, full of practical tips and advice on site promotion and more.

    Wild West Domains has a reloaded reseller package to fit every need: Basic is $99/year; Pro is $199/yr; Super Reseller is $229/year; and the API is $249/year. Reloaded plans retain several key features of prior plans, including: a customizable website that allows resellers to be ''up and selling'' within minutes after sign-up, 24x7 support for resellers and their customers, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

    ''In the few weeks since we launched Wild West Reloaded, sales revenue for all programs has jumped dramatically, particularly for the Basic and Pro programs, which have had growth in excess of 110%,'' said Bob Parsons, president and founder of Go Daddy. ''Clearly, deploying the lowest buy rates combined with Free marketing tools was exactly what customers wanted in their reseller program.''

    About The Go Daddy Group, Inc.
    The Go Daddy Group is the world's No. 1 domain name registrar in terms of new registrations and domains under management. The Go Daddy Group enables individuals and businesses to create and safeguard their unique identities and brands on the Internet by offering a complete line of web development tools, including domain registration, hosting, email, SSL certificates and complementary products and services. The Go Daddy Group includes flagship registrar ( and reseller registrar Wild West Domains, Inc. ( The Go Daddy Group also offers private domain registration services through Domains By Proxy, Inc. (, and SSL Certificates through its Certificate Authority, Starfield Technologies, Inc. ( The Go Daddy Group registers a new domain name every 6 seconds.

    About Wild West Domains, Inc.
    Founded in December 2001, Wild West Domains is an ICANN accredited registrar and all-inclusive reseller provider. Wild West Domains offers individuals and businesses an array of competitively priced products and services to facilitate entry into the high-growth reseller market. Resellers can offer customers an extensive product portfolio, including domain registration, personalized email accounts, web site hosting, secure SSL certificates, ready-made shopping carts, merchant accounts and more.
    After finally overtaking netsol in terms of total number of regs, I'd
    imagine this is their next goal.

    Anyone wanna try 'em out?

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    Launched? I think re-lauch is more appropriate. They may be focusing on tucows/enom territory in their quest for growth
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    im my loving sacrastic voice i should ask one of two questions

    um why?
    or if you just want it strait up ............ UM N-O spells no

    not to be mean or anything but i really dont like godaddys network, i think there fine for domain names cause it doesnt take much to run a registry server as far as bandwidth goes but hostings another whole entire issue and most people may like something like enom for domain reselling
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    Yep.. for resellers with more than 100 domains, is cheaper use Directi. I transfer to directi from godaddy, aplus, bluerazor, dotster and other five or six registrars without problems.. and prices go lowering when billed money is more.

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    Does anyone know what a private registration is? GoDaddy is offering them for $6.00.

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    I think their program is awesome as you get a $250 adwords credit

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    Originally posted by rapta
    Does anyone know what a private registration is? GoDaddy is offering them for $6.00.
    Here is an explanation.

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    Personally I wouldn't resell the service. I don't see anything special that they are offering their resellers. A whole 5 email accounts? Other companies offer API for free and have done so for years.... yet GoDaddy still wants to charge? At least it isn't a thousand dollars anymore.
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