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    anyone have offsite backups?

    Hey everyone,

    I have several Windows servers with The Planet since 2003. Everything is load balanced, redundant and working great.

    Even with safeguards, I still lose sleep because our whole system (including backups) is at the Planet, and there is no way to get our hands on the data except for transferring it via the internet. Since we have 300+ gigs this isn't really feasible.

    If the Planet suddenly went out of business, the downtime in rebuilding could kill me my business as well.

    I was thinking of colocation in Montreal where I live, but none have the infrastructure or uptime that the Planet has. Colocation here is actually more expensive than the Planet, plus I would spend more of time managing the servers.

    Does anyone have the same problem? How can I back up this much data offsite?

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    Look at GNAX for offsite storage. I would not worry too much about the Planet going under anytime soon, but it is a good idea to have offsite storage, and a copy of the backup at home also.

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    i doubt the fact the planet could ever get sold simply cause there so big and then cancel all accounts cause then thats revenue
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    rasputinj, I will look into this. The time it takes to FTP 300 gigs may make it impossible though.

    Gilbert, *many* large hosting companies just close shop. Potential purchasers would have to assume the debts of the company, so many are not attractive just because they have members. (do a search for Exodus, for example)

    It is a long shot, but at the moment it is one of the only parts of our business we have no control over.

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    I recently signed up with and so far smooth sailing.

    I plan on putting their support to the test this weekend with a few tickets
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    thanks for that one; sounds perfect for our needs. 1TB for $150 is a great price. Can you post here when you've tested them out?

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    BQ Backup is great but have you checked out for colocation?

    They are pretty good.
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    iweb would be my choice if we did colocate. We have 5 servers with the Planet and average 1500 GB transfer/month. The rack and bandwidth alone at iweb comes close to what I'm paying at the planet... and that includes the dell servers.

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    If you want to do it on the cheap you could always pick up a cheap machine somewhere and set it to sync your data every night from the existing servers you have. A dedicated backup plan would be better but if you aren't talking mission critical stuff you could save a bundle of $$ doing it this way and still sleep good at night.

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    You do want to be careful, especially in this day and age it only takes a bomb, serious accident, or natural disaster to take a datacentre out and then you're stuffed no matter how secure the business might have been.

    If you setup rsync you should be better with the backups - you still need 300gig of storage, but transfer should be a lot less than that each day.

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    1,093 seem decent, but if it's mission critical stuff i'd personally get a dedicated server elsewhere for backups with lots of hard drives, this way your data is 100% private and safe.
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