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    * I really need some opinions about a DNS

    Well,i must be in some sort an ignorant but hey.

    Here is my problem.Got a dedicated server(dual Xeon) wich comes managed.Thing is that since i got this server I got only problems.But all this will make the subject of a future post.

    Checking my DNS i noticed that since the last interventions of the managing team i got 2 warnings.

    1.WARNING: One or more of your MX records did not return an A record; most likely, they have a CNAME. CNAMEs are prohibited in MX records, according to RFC974, RFC1034 3.6.2, RFC1912 2.4, and RFC2181 10.3. The problem MX records are:>>

    2.WARNING: When I looked up your MX record, your DNS server returned a CNAME. This is an unusual situation, and I can't handle it -- the following MX tests may not work properly. The problem is:>

    I opened a ticket and after like 4 hours i got the following reply:
    "You may kindly ignore both the warning messages and these do not affect the working of your mail account."

    Any thoughts about this?

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    it might work in theory, but for managed, this is rubbish imo.

    standards dictates that the MX record for a domain specifies an address for your mail server, which then has an A record to the IP, not a CNAME alias to the parent domain. Some mail servers will accept mail, others wont.

    Personally, i think they should fix this, cause it is very simple to change, and frankly is the way it should be
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    I know it man,but i got the feeling that or im a complete idiot and i must go flip some hamburgers in a McDo and let this whole thing to guys like these who are reinventing the cold water and the weel,and then are trying to sell you the patent or i must change provider asap.This whole support thing started to look like a Kafka novel.

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    Just outright ask them to fix it

    It needs fixing, it is broken. While it may not affect much email, it's guaranteed it will affect some as it's an illegal configuration.

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    CNAME's screw up quite a lot of Mailserver software so do expect a lot of mail to bounce, MS Exchange, Kerio Mailserver, MailEnable, Imail ... just to name a few that won't have CNAME's (I know from experience).

    It *needs* fixing ...


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    If your host is telling you that you need another host.

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