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    Pr update - is it complete


    Many of my site have gone up after the latest update few days back, but they still have the same old pr on some data centers.

    does anyone know when will all the quires match, across all google data centers


    and type in the text box, on most data centers my site has pr5 but 0 on some.

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    could be complete, who knows.
    Google toolbar data for me is very insignifigant.
    I have a pr5 site that dropped to pr0, but it's still making me about 150 a day which Google is responsible for over 3/4 of the traffic and earnings of that particular domain name & web site.
    so until the toolbar data directly effects the search engine result pages (serp's), only then I will stand up and take notice.

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    Google knows, but never tell you when

    may be it's complete, but google never told me

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    We noticed a PR increase as well and I must say it DID affect rankings so I'd say it's complete

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