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    Start-Up Questions

    Can anyone reccomend a tutorial or just give some advice for an online start-up business? I'm going to be selling a DVD next month on my website that could possibly take off due to its content/title/etc. I'd like to know what I'd need to make sure this all runs smoothly and the website can handle the e-commerce. I'm thinking about going with CDG from all the positive response in this forum, but am not sure what else I need, ie: shopping cart, fraud protection, authorize service, etc. as well as advice on things I don't need. I'll be selling the DVD/VHS, a few t-shirts, etc. I won't be selling more than 10 items on the site but the actual amount of items could be more than I could handle and don't want to be overwhelmed if it really takes off. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forums RockBox23!

    Also consider Paypal in conjunction with CDG because of the products you are selling.

    You will need some type of shopping cart since you are selling a few different items - it just might be easier for you in the long run. As far as the cart - it depends on all what you are looking for (ASP / PHP, do you want to maintain inventory, do you want to have affiliates, etc).

    I would recommend your own SSL certificate so that you can capture and process the credit cards on your website and do not push the clients over to the electronic payment gateway's secure website.

    Fraud protection can be good - but it might be a bit too much to start out with. For now - check the IP address of the user and then see what state that was issued to. If in doubt, call the customer to. Or even email them and ask them to fax you a credit card authorization form. When you get larger and the fraud services are worth it, enable them.

    An interesting site to check out some is workz if you have the time. Some great articles on there as well.

    Good luck with the site!
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    Just remember that when all is said and done that it's the trafic that you need.

    I've seen plenty of ugly sites out sell beautiful sites just because of the traffic volume.
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    How much would you increase it by? An additional 5Gigs equals how many hits/orders/etc. How do I gague this? I have 7Gigs right now. Thank you.

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