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    Advertising on large movie site... Great traffic!

    I have been sick because of a severe accident here in the the city and I want to run cheap advertising to help pay for
    my website I have lowered the prices because current advertising has vanished and my
    server was barely paid for and I still cannot work due to rehab doctors I have to attend to. If you have a current site
    and want to advertise it pretty cheap, please feel free to help me out.

    Currently running ad types are 468x60 banners, 120x600 banners, 125x125 banners, and text links.

    You can purchase banners on an impression or monthly basis. All advertising rates are payable via paypal.

    Here is the rundown:
    Busy Site
    Great Ad Location
    Mainly College and Early 30 Crowd
    Mainly USA and Europe

    Stats from Server:

    So you can see the traffic is there...

    Current advertising plans are:

    468x60 Banners are $5
    120X600 Banners are $10
    125x125 Banners are $10

    Advertising Signup

    Text links also for $8 and are displayed on every page of the site. If you are interested in text links, please email me at [email protected].

    If you have any questions that are not answered in this post, please feel free to ask them or email me at [email protected].

    Thanks for reading.

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    How many ads will be in rotation?

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    it all depends on which ads you want. 10 ads in the cube ad and the skyscraper ads. 20 in the 468x60 ads max.

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    On your website in the advertising section it says that Skyscraper only has 2 banners in rotation @ $10

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    How many ads are rotating as of now in the skyscraper area.. 10?

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    I just changed it in the advertising section of the site due to the fact that I need help with the server since I had an accident and spent the past 60 days in the hospital with my wife by my side

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    Maybe if you could get that payment link working then people could buy some advertising space. PayPal currently considers it to be some sort of invlaid link when making payment.

    Can we expect the site to recover back up to January Levels? If so, how can you back this up?

    I'm feel sorry for you if you have been in an accident and hope you recover fully soon, but you must realise I can not make what are business decisions simply on that basis.

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    Get the paypal working or ill paypal you directly to have my Skyscraper put up for a month... if results are good... believe me, I will be doing a whole lot more.

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    I would like to purchase a 469x60 - but paypal is not working, please reserve a spot and PM when your ready for purchase.

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    I would like a text ad. How would I pay for that?


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    OK Nice Offer

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    When are you updating your site? I paid you but do not see my text link to show up.

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