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    eNom Reseller Requirements

    What are the requirements for becoming an eNom Reseller, other than pre-funding your account? Is there any documentation that I need to complete, sign, fax/mail back to them, etc? Thanks in advance.

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    It depends on whether you want to become an ETP (eNom Technology Partner) or just get a sub account from another ETP. Personally, I would suggest you contact someone like Bashar, Othellotech or eSology to get a sub-account first. You can always contact eNom later and punch it out to a full ETP account.

    But to answer your question, yes, there is some basic info needed: Name, Address, Phone, Credit Card Info, etc.

    I don't know if this link will work, because I am always signed into my eNom account on my computer, but if you click on the accept button at the bottom of the following link, it will come up with the required fields to become an eNom reseller:

    An overview of the eNom reseller system is at:

    Good Luck!
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    patryn, 4solutions provided you with some good advice. Some people have the funds but don't want to start out as an ETP until they get familiar with eNom's system. Others don't have the funds because they are just starting their business. I think a reseller account is a good first step because you are in full control. At anytime you can contact eNom to become an ETP and then use list wizard to push all your domains for free. Think of it as a win-win situation.

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