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    Exclamation Proftpd potential security hold

    I got this on the front page of WHM:

    Security At this time, it is recommended that all customers using proftpd Switch to pure-ftpd as soon as possible to eliminate a potential security hole. Please note that all released versions of proftpd are belived to be affected and the exact problem is not yet known. Customers who experience the problems switching are welcomed to bypass the normal support procedure and submit a ticket directly at

    Is this a really serious security hole? I have lots of problems with pureftpd and don't want to switch.

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    I swithced to pure-ftpd since i got a warning from ev1. Dont know whether the security hole is critical, but i havent had any problems with pureftpd till now.

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    On WHM, there is a little Severity meter under the message, and it goes all the way up to dark red, which I think is the max. So I think it's a critical exploit.

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